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About me

Like most of my partners, my photography journey started at a very young age. With that being said, my father always had a camera between hands, so I grew up seeing him taking photos. He gave me my first digital camera as soon as I learned how to take analog pictures properly. At the age of 17, I kicked off my Higher Education degree in photography. After that, I successfully managed to begin my nightlife and event photographer career. During this period, I was Tillate Spain Barcelona’s Manager, also Pacha Barcelona’s official photographer, and I became a team member of Privilege Ibiza and Supermartxé shows, among several projects. Later in 2015 I started working as a freelance photographer for artists and live music festivals.

Meanwhile, I acquired the Marketing Higher Education Certificate as well as an Advertising and PR degree. Currently, I’m into Brand Strategy and Creative Brand Management Master. From the past three years till now I have been working as Account Executive in an Advertising Agency. My photographer and advertising career have always been connected, what’s more, I love working on photographic projects introducing knowledge about marketing and strategic communication. In this way, I work focused on the aesthetic dimension of each project being linked to the communication objectives of each client.



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